Clifford Duck

Clifford Duck was happy living on his shelf by the TV in the bar.  When the new 50″ TV was put in, he moved to a windowsill.  We are not sure if the view from the window caused him to develop a wanderlust, or, more worryingly, if someone abducked him.  He has been in contact with us via Facebook, but his adventures to date have done little to ease our concerns about him.

On his first day away we could tell from his facebook posts that he was taking good care of himself.  He’d been on a trip to Wales, been shopping for food and had a bath before bed.  He even got up early enough the next day to make sure he got his early morning swim.

Since then, it seems he might have got into bad company – namely a “Tough Mudder” (  He has obtained a dodgy passport and taken to drinking, driving fast cars and consorting with the ladies.  He has even been arrested by armed police – though it would appear that he was let off with a caution.