Clifford Duckski

And just had an update from Clifford Duck too.  He is safe and well on the piste in Switzerland.Clifford Duckski cduckski2

Team Spirit’s Charity Fundraising

Team Spirit Charity Fundraising

As many of you may know, over the last couple of years,  The Clifford Arms has been doing what little we can to support Team Spirit.  But we thought that perhaps it might be a good time of year to remind people why they put their time and considerable efforts into undertaking amazing cycling challenges.

In their own words,  this is why …

“What happens when you’re a little girl, 9 years old, though …  weighing only 2 ½ stone… something really isn’t medically right.

Well, our friend’s daughter Kayleigh, is that girl and the reason for her condition has to do with a rare kidney disorder. What is the disorder? Well, we are not really sure, but do know that its very rare.

What can be done to help make the condition better? Well, the doctors have said she needs a kidney transplant.

Now with the medication and treatment being so expensive, it costs hundreds of thousands every single month just to keep children like Kayleigh stable.  Of course, we can all do something to help any charity we choose, a charity that has some kind of special meaning, some personal connection, so we have decided to do all we can to raise as much money as possible for little Kayleigh and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We have set some outrageous targets to raise one million for BCH, but this will be done over time. We are determined and are willing to take on gruelling challenges and with great support crew, we can turn this dream to reality.”

Having now done three incredible challenges: Lands End to John O’ Groats, Coast to Coast and Climb & Ride (including climbing the three peaks), they have raised over £15,000 so far and are currently making plans for next year’s fund raising efforts.

More information is available on their Facebook page and donations can be made on their Just Giving page.


Clifford Duck

Clifford Duck completed his second Tough Mudder last weekend.   He has asked that we remind everyone that he is hoping to raise money for charity and asks that you donate either via the jar behind the bar or by using his friend’s B My Charity page.

cduck mud 5
Clifford Duck jumping through hoops.
cduck mud4
My mate seems to be feeling the cold, but I’m in my element.


cduck mud6
Clifford Duck at the finish line of his second Tough Mudder.


This week he has also been visited by his brothers Cliff and Chalky, but they are both safely back home again now.

Clifford Duck
Clifford Duck with his brothers Cliff & Chalky


Clifford Duck

Just a reminder that our dear little Clifford Duck is undertaking his second Tough Mudder challenge today.  He has asked that we remind everyone that he is hoping to raise money for charity and asks that you donate either via the jar behind the bar or by using his friend’s B My Charity page.



Clifford Duck

Clifford Duck's Dublin Tough Mudder  award
Clifford Duck’s Dublin Tough Mudder award


As you know Clifford Duck completed the Dublin Tough Mudder challenge on 5th October.  He sent his T-shirt and headband home so we have framed them for him.


Having given up smoking, he spent this last weekend enjoying a spa in preparation for his next challenge, another Tough Mudder, this time in Winchester next weekend.

He has decided he would like to see if his friends will support his efforts by donating some cash to Help for Heroes.  You could do this in any way that you choose, though we do have a jar behind the bar if you would like to donate there.[codepeople-post-map]