Team Spirit Challenge 2017 – Paris to Pisa

Team Spirit

Some of my favourite pics of my adventure with Team Spirit (remember I was just a companion) – the big bears (Richard Weals, Dave Weals & Pete Corbett – with Jason Petillo & Tony Jacques) did all the really hard work.
What an achievement please show your appreciation of their efforts by making a donation at

Team Spirit
Day 1 – The Eiffel Tower
Team Spirit
Day 2 – Troyes to Dijon
Team Spirit
Day 3 – Dijon to Macon
Team Spirit
Day 4 – Macon to Tournon-sur-Rhone


Day 5 – Tournon-sur-Rhone to Vaison-la-Romaine
Days 6 & 7 – Bit of a bike ride and some R & R.
Team Spirit
Monaco Grand Prix
Team Spirit
Borrowed my mate’s car!
Team Spirit
Day 8 – Back on the road again
Team Spirit
Day 9 – Getting really tired now – here’s where I come in – with hugs!



Team Spirit
Day 10 – We’ve done it – The Tower of Pisa



Team Spirit Challenge 2015

Team Spirit completed their latest challenge late last night – well done guys. They think they should be due back in the village at about 8:30pm tonight and I’m sure they would appreciate the support of anyone who would like to turn out and welcome them home.

If you can’t make it – please feel free to donate to Birmingham Children’s Hospital via their Just Giving page.

t2t done

Team Spirit’s Charity Fundraising

Team Spirit Charity Fundraising

As many of you may know, over the last couple of years,  The Clifford Arms has been doing what little we can to support Team Spirit.  But we thought that perhaps it might be a good time of year to remind people why they put their time and considerable efforts into undertaking amazing cycling challenges.

In their own words,  this is why …

“What happens when you’re a little girl, 9 years old, though …  weighing only 2 ½ stone… something really isn’t medically right.

Well, our friend’s daughter Kayleigh, is that girl and the reason for her condition has to do with a rare kidney disorder. What is the disorder? Well, we are not really sure, but do know that its very rare.

What can be done to help make the condition better? Well, the doctors have said she needs a kidney transplant.

Now with the medication and treatment being so expensive, it costs hundreds of thousands every single month just to keep children like Kayleigh stable.  Of course, we can all do something to help any charity we choose, a charity that has some kind of special meaning, some personal connection, so we have decided to do all we can to raise as much money as possible for little Kayleigh and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

We have set some outrageous targets to raise one million for BCH, but this will be done over time. We are determined and are willing to take on gruelling challenges and with great support crew, we can turn this dream to reality.”

Having now done three incredible challenges: Lands End to John O’ Groats, Coast to Coast and Climb & Ride (including climbing the three peaks), they have raised over £15,000 so far and are currently making plans for next year’s fund raising efforts.

More information is available on their Facebook page and donations can be made on their Just Giving page.