New TV

Our new 50″ TV is now up and running. Fancy watching tonight’s UEFA Champions League match on it? Manchester City v AS Roma @

VAT Equality Day

We are supporting VAT Club Jacques Borel’s Tax Equality Day again this year on Wednesday 24 September. It follows on from the success of the first Tax Parity Day that took place in 15,000 pubs and restaurants across the UK in September 2013. We will support the campaign to reduce the level of VAT in the hospitality sector by lowering prices on food and drink by 7.5 per cent. Prices will be reduced for one day only, in order to show the benefits of a VAT cut to five per cent. At present all food and drink in pubs is subject to 20 per cent VAT, compared to supermarkets which benefit from a zero VAT rate.

Visit for more information and to download a letter to send to your MP urging them to support this campaign.welovevat-yeahright